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Phone: (09) 489 4806

Welcome to Engine Specialties Ltd.

Engine Specialties are engine builders of the highest standard.

If you have had a mishap with your car, perhaps overheated it, or experiencing strange knocking noises, Engine Specialties can diagnose it, and if need be, rebuild or repair your engine back to brand new condition.

Engine Specialties also specialise in race engines with precision clearances for all high performance applications.

We have many very quick and powerful engines to our name, ranging from drag racing engines, to circuit racing, to jetsprint boats, even motorcross & circuit bikes.

Whatever your engine requires, Engine Specialties can do it.

Engine Specialties have on-site a full machine shop, as well as a vehicle service bay equipped with experienced mechanics, and an on-site Engine Parts company to source you any replacement parts you require.

Don't hesitate to pick up the phone and call us, because a quick phone call now, and some pre-emptive servicing can often save you costly repair bills later on.


  Engine Specialties Ltd - Auckland, New Zealand
(09) 489 4806
Phone: (09) 444 4213
96 Hillside Road, Glenfield, Auckland, New Zealand

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